Yacht Keels

For many years we have supplied National and Worldwide customers with high quality State of the Art Keels incorporating leading edge technology to produce Keels for many of Australia’s and the Worlds leading Yachtsmen.

We have supplied keels to many Sydney to Hobart winners and place getters as well as high performance yachts like Wild Oats, Skandia, Nicorette, Leopard of london, Brindabella, Wild Joe Rager, Ragamuffin and this selection is only a few.

The process of casting a keel is a complex process and there are many steps that need to be taken before we can provide an accurate quote for your needs. To help with this process we have provided some information on the steps that will need to be taken before and during the casting process.  Please click on this link to access the steps needed for producing a keel.

wild oats

wild oats Bulb Cast

Wild Oats winner of three Sydney to Hobart. Bulb Cast by Central Foundry

securing to boat

securing to boat2

Complete assembly ready for securing to boat

Cruiser Racer Kee1

Transport by Central Foundry

Cruiser Racer Kee2

Transport by Central Foundry2

Cruiser Racer Keel

Transport by Central Foundry

 lead ingots

We provide lead ingots for Ballast
Lead Ingots Approx 25kgs 560L x 85W x 75mm High

17 tonne Keel

Loading 17 tonne Keel for transport



Bulb removed from mould Open mould 17 tonne Bulb

Long Keel Shoe

Long Keel Shoe 1500kgs

keel for Yatch

2200kg keel for a 38ft Yatch
2300mm in height

2080kg keel for a 36ft Yatch
2000mm in height

keels lead bulb section cast around fabricated stainless steel foil

Lead bulb section cast around fabricated steel foil

Lead bulb