Central Foundry

Central Foundry is a 100% Australian owned family business. Established in 1927 it is now one of the larger non-ferrous foundries in NSW. Over the years we have continued to upgrade our equipment and technology making us the preferred supplier for many different industries.

We produce many types of products for the Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Markets. This range is highly diverse and includes castings such as, mining, engineering and architectural fittings, street and urban furniture, marine application including large Yacht Keels, industrial pumps, plastic forming tools, decorative aluminium lacework (cast iron panels), die casting and complex sculptures all in Non Ferrous metals.


Our castings are made and in all grades of non-ferrous materials including Bronzes, Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Gunmetal, Brass.

We do not use scrap material! Only certified ingot is used in all melts and certificates are always available on request.

Facilities include Die Casting, Pattern making, jobbing or repetition sand moulding, electric induction melting as well as natural gas fired furnaces.

Other services including Heat Treating, Powder Coating, Polishing, Vibro Polishing and Machining are carried out on a subcontract basis through a close network of high quality reputable suppliers.

We offer you quality at realistic pricing with negotiated deliveries to suit your needs.