Lacework Price Range

We often get asked for a price list for our heritage panels however there are just too many to list on the website so we have put together an indicative price range that will give you an approximate estimate of what you will pay for individual items.


Heritage Range Panels – From $225 + GST each

Corners and Frieze

Heritage Range – From $95 + GST each

Example (do note that we do not provide delivery or installation and as such these prices exclude any installation work please click here for installation info)

A typical inner city terrace with a 4400mm width balcony using the heritage range would be roughly as follows

Traditional/Heritage Panels cut to size and powder coated with handrail system – $3500 + GST

Traditional/Heritage Range Panels, handrail (top floor), corners and frieze (both floors), powder coated and cut to size  – $5700 + GST