Lacework Panels

HERITAGE RANGE – Sandcast moulds from Victorian Era in Aluminium

This range of lacework are IDENTICAL copies of the old cast iron panels found throughout Sydney, from the Victorian Era (late 1800’s – early 1900’s).

We are still using century old patterns to create our sand moulds. These moulds are then cast with molten aluminium which gives them an identical appearance to the historic cast iron (but with all the benefits of aluminium).

The panels in this range are single sided which means they are flat on the back/inside. This is how they were traditionally made.

They are also much thicker than a die cast panel giving them a more traditional look and this is what Central Foundry have specialised in over the past 40 years.


Panel 34
515mm Wide x
 865mm high
Panel 17
525mm Wide x
875mm High

Panel 19
490mm Wide x 
875mm High

Panel 21
490mm Wide x
885mm High

Panel 106
580mm Wide x
 895mm high
Panel 18
595mm Wide x
890mm High

Panel 37
600mm Wide x 
870mm High

Panel 112
550mm Wide x
880mm High

Panel 102
550mm Wide x
 900mm high
Panel 120
530mm Wide x
885mm High

Panel 146
585mm Wide x 
865mm High

Panel 46
565mm Wide x
885mm High

Panel 99
520mm Wide x
 890mm high
Panel 22
645mm Wide x
880mm High

Panel 25
590mm Wide x 
870mm High

Panel 105
580mm Wide x
895mm High

1 METRE HIGH PANELS – Sand Cast Moulds in Aluminium

In early 2015 Central Foundry were able to use new technology to increase the size of some of the existing Heritage Range Panels to 1 metre high in order to comply with Building Codes Australia. This technology has enabled us to retain the exact proportions of the original Victorian Era panels so the increased size does not detract from any of the original features.

Our main reason for developing this new range was to eliminate the need for a bottom rail as the increased height achieves B.C.A compliance without having to “lift up” the panels to make them 1 metre high. 

Moving forward we hope to expand our range of 1 metre high panels as they are proving to be quite popular.

You can select from the full range of Dulux Powder Coating Colours including Colour Bond colours

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