Lacework – Important Info

Central Foundry’s focus for many years has been concentrated purely on the moulding and casting process. Therefore it is important for the customer to know that we are purely the suppliers of a product only. We are not structural engineers, fabricators, colour consultants or heritage specialists and do not have sales reps on the road to come and measure up for you. This is why we suggest you use a qualified builder/carpenter/installer to manage your project if you do not feel you can manage this yourself.

Please read the following important info as it may answer some of the questions you might have.

Our entire range is cast in aluminium instead of cast iron. They look exactly the same as the old cast iron panels however have all the benefits of aluminium. Please see our FAQ page for more details about why we use aluminium instead of cast iron.

Our sand moulds are made directly from Sydney and England’s historic panels. These moulds are then cast with molten aluminium to create identical replicas of the originals.

If you need to match a pattern that is not in our standard range just bring in a whole/complete piece and we can produce one for you.

Central Foundry DO NOT INSTALL or ogranize installation We do not fabricate or weld lacework into solid frames. For detailed information on installation please see our INSTALLATION INFO

If you require installation we recommend Paddington Lace Paddington Lace are builders that specialise in terrace house facade restorations and can provide a complete supply and install service.

Alternatively you could source a local aluminium fabricator to weld panels into one solid frame. This option will achieve the strongest/sturdiest balustrade (with less flex) however it present a few issues such as transporting 5 metre lengths to powder coaters and a crane/hoist may be required to install. This is why the majority of our customers assemble on sit with our standard handrail setup.


Central Foundry’s lacework range is made directly from the original Victorian patterns and therefore inherit many of the imperfections that can occur during the moulding and casting process. Some of these include

  • Sharp Edges
  • Slight bowing or mis-alignments between panels and frieze
  • Sand inclusions or dross

These imperfections however are small and are considered part of the character of traditional lacework.


To provide you with an accurate quote we require the following details

  • Balcony width (or individual measurements of each span between posts if there are multiple openings). Ideally we like to see a rough sketch with dimensions and layout.
  • Pattern Code – (when looking on website please refer to Panel number, Frieze number etc)
  • If you do not know the pattern number or cannot see what you want on the website and are trying to match an existing panel please take a photo of the panel you are after and email it to
  • Decide whether you want your order powdercoated and in what colour. Please see our POWDERCOATING PAGE for more info.
  • Once all details have been received Mark will email you a quote and upon acceptance of this quote a 50% deposit and confirmation of measurements is required.
  • SUPPLY TIMEFRAME – We try to hold stock of approximately 5 of Sydney’s most common traditional patterns (leaving a minimum lead time of 1 week if powdercoating is required). However if we do not have stock then the supply timeframe can be up to 4 weeks. Please consider this in your renovation schedule.