Lacework Corners and Freize

Traditional Victorian Era patterns cast in aluminium from sand moulds.

This range is single sided (flat on the back/inside) because that is how they were traditionally made.

Please note that a DROPPER is required in the centre of each span to cover the cut/join.

32 AND 33
Corner 32 - 440mm Wide x 570mm High
Frieze 33 - 872mm Wide x 175mm High

Corner 84 (Left 475mm Wide x 585mm High)
Corner 84 (Right 420mm Wide x 585mm High)
Frieze 85 - 870mm Wide x 240mm High

Corner 250 - 395mm Wide x 575mm High
Frieze 251 - 630mm Wide x 215mm High
156 AND 157Corner 156 - 380mm Wide x 500mm High
 Frieze 157 - 740mm Wide x 155mm High

Corner 115 – 445mm Wide x 675mm High
Frieze 116 – 905mm Wide x 270mm High

82 AND 83
Corner 82 - 380mm Wide x 470mm High
Frieze 83 - 795mm Wide x 210mm High