The Boyle Family tradition began as early as 1913 when brothers Herb and Albert Boyle started Parker Foundry in the Sydney area.

Since then 4 generations of Boyle’s have kept up the foundry tradition and today Central Foundry is run by Kevin Boyle and his three sons, John, Justin and Mark who all have extensive knowledge of the foundry industry.

Over the years the company has evolved into one of the leading manufacturers of non-ferrous castings due to the upgrading of equipment and the introduction of die casting in 2007.

We have also acquired a few foundries along the way due to the owners retiring. In 2011 we purchased Zedlina foundry and were fortunate to retain most of the staff and more recently we have acquired part of Wellington Foundry.

These acquisitions have increased the size of our customer base and allowed us to branch out into different areas.

This is perhaps the secret of our success. Our diversity has seen us stay ahead of cheap Chinese imports and our customers know that our quality is second to none.

In addition to company and equipment acquisitions we have also turned a little bit “Green” in recent years. In 2011 we installed a sand reclamation machine and in 2013 we became the proud owners of a 52KW solar system which now provides around 60% of our energy requirements.

Solar System installed in 2013