The most common question that we get asked here at Central is, “What is a foundry?”

In this day of modern technology the term “foundry” seems to have been lost amongst the generations. But if you were to take most manufactured consumer products and take them right back to the start of the production process you would find that a foundry has been involved in some stage of the process.

Think about the machines used to make products! Where do the parts come from to make those machines?

So, just what is a foundry? A foundry is a place where castings are made from molten metal according what the customer wants. Central Foundry make their castings from a mould made from sand using a pattern supplied by the customer.

Foundries fall under either ferrous (iron or steel) and non-ferrous (aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, etc.) Central Foundry is a Non-Ferrous Foundry and we have years of experience casting with these types of metal. Our staff are on hand to answer any technical questions you may have relating to the type of non-ferrous metal you wish to use.